Here at Simple, we provide customized quotation of pre-press, production, shipping costs, estimated turnaround time as well as relevant suggestions based on the specifications you require

If the specifications and the price appeal to you and you wish to consider taking the next step, we will then send you a “white dummy” sample of the your product using the materials and methods specified, quality samples of our work and references.




Once you have provided us with your layouts, our production staff will review the files carefully for any potential problems, as bleeds, overprints, registration and modes.

Once we receive your files, our staff will FedEx to you either digital or wet proofs of your product with bluelines for you to review. We will also include a detailed report from our production staff with recommendations and key quality watch points where you will have the opportunity to request any changes if any.



Print Production

Our Quality Control manager will check the paper and color quality and consistency, registration, trimmings, crossovers as well as 50 other critical attributes. A press check will be made at every curtail step in the production of your job.
Throughout the whole process, you will continuously be updated on the status of your project.


Quality Inspection

Photos of the secure packed cartons ready to exit the factory will be sent to you by email to assure you the job has been fully completed and properly secured for shipping. Printed, finished and packed product samples will be sent by FedEx for your final inspection before shipping. Nothing leaves the factory until we have your satisfied approval.


Delivery Simple Logistics

Using top shelf international freight forwarding companies and our own dedicated customs agents, Simple Logistics will follow the progress of your job and update you as the goods approach your door. Upon entry, we will handle all the import paperwork, customs bond, and offloading as well as the logistics involved with the final delivery..
Delivery Simple Logistics


One Stop Shop

Simple is more than a print shop, we aim to provide a comprehensive solution starting with the customer order, tracking the order 24/7 around the world and ending with the merchandise delivery to the destination doorstep.
One Stop Shop



Simple makes your ideas become a reality.
Our experienced and dedicated professional design team are eager to help you bring your vision to life. Cutting-edge design technology, talented artists and the latest design programs will enable you to bring your ideas to reality.



Getting goods delivered is part of our service package.
We are happy to combine shipping and offer our customers a number of delivery options ranging from trains, tracks or the fastest shipping method.

Simple Logistics finds the fastest most convenient and economical shipping method for your order to anywhere, whether its sea, air, road or train.


Get a quote and explore Simple Holdings LTD’s one-stop service for your printing needs!