We provide Printing & Packaging Solutions
to International Clients

Quality Printer in China exporting to the world

Simple Holdings LTD, a holding company with serval printing facilities located in China, Hong Kong and UK, which allows us to provide efficient and quality printing and packaging services to international clients. Our printed products vary from Digital Print, Catalogues, Books, Boxes, Bags, Stickers, Stationeries, Gift Items etc.

Our Factories all had ERP systems which allows real-time flow of information among different factories and departments. During peak periods, the ERP system is critical in enabling effective planning for optimization of production capacity.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to promote and encourage human creativity, innovation and inspiration through the classic book-printing platform.
Our 5 core values are:
A will to succeed
Integrity and honesty in all areas of our business
Respect for People and the Environment
The continuous pursuit of performance excellence
Pride in our service and product quality

Plant Overview

Our plant, was designed for industrial efficiency and a healthy working environment. Over the years, we had continued to invest in updating machinery to meet increasing international demands of our factories. The spacious setting of the plant allows high volume warehousing and paper stocking, which helps create leverage over fluctuating commodity pricing and enables fast turnaround time for large projects.
To retain talent, we had established a comprehensive reward system and provide in job trainings and career development opportunities.
Our factories provided
Private Clost
Basketball Court
Entertainment Court
Co-worker Fund

Our People

We focuses on establishing long standing business relationships with leading publishers, Brands and print media companies as their core supplier. We have international sales and customer service teams in Hong Kong and at the plant in China, as well as overseas sales directors in the U.K, to provide the best services possible.


Our skilled technicians and reliable production workforce is the reason we boast quality, efficient, and on-time delivery of printing orders.

Green Production

Our factories are FSCTM certified ensuring our products come from responsibly managed forests and that the supply chain from forest to end-user is chain of custody certified

Computer to Plate

Our factories use CTP imaging technology in our printing process that removes the use of traditional film and associated chemicals from the prepress process.

Vegetable-soy Based Inks

Our factories use vegetable-soy based inks in our printing plants which are less harmful to the environment than petroleum-based counterparts.

Electricity Control

Our factories take measures such as changing our lighting system to T5 fluorescent tubes for better efficiency, setting temperature at energy-efficient level of 24-26 ˚C in air-conditioned environment, etc.

Water Control

Our factories keep abreast industry best practice water consumption reduction solutions and benchmark water usage against pervious years quarterly.

Wastes Reduction

Our factories develop an in-house ERP system which has significantly reduced paper usage; all leftover papers and aluminum printing plates are collated, labeled and stored for recycling.